VIP Access to the StartUp Health Digital Platform

StartUp Health’s digital platform used by Health Transformers during (and in between) each workshop is designed to centralize the collective relationships, knowledge, and wisdom of our global community and empower Health Transformers. Health Transformers have 24/7 access, so you can always benefit from the StartUp Health Academy, regardless of how busy you are or where you’re located.


Your profile promotes your company and gives you access to fellow Health Transformers, StartUp Health Coaches, and investors and customers within the StartUp Health Network

Strategic Toolkit

Leverage scorecards, templates, worksheets, and resources that help you navigate your company’s most difficult challenges and biggest opportunities

Gain Visibility &

Reach a growing audience of more than 150,000 influencers around the world through StartUp Health’s Health Transformer media platform that includes newsletters, podcasts, and social content

Industry Event

A global calendar of networking, industry events, and conferences through our partnerships with event organizers help Health Transformers access discounts, pitch opportunities, and showcases

Investor & Customer
Smart Lists

Create custom lists of investors, customers, and partners crowdsourced from StartUp Health and the community of Health Transformers

StartUp Health
Insights Pro™

Search our database of digital health funding, tracking over $25B of funding into 1,600 startups by more than 2,000 investors since 2010

VIP Festival

Priority access to the annual StartUp Health Festival in SF designed to showcase Health Transformers and connect to more than 1,000 leaders, investors, and customers


Take advantage of more than $400,000 in perks and discounts from leading industry providers


Connect and collaborate with fellow Health Transformers from all over the world with diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives, and unique abilities

Health Transformer

Connect with the experts at implementing the tools and concepts of the Academy and accessing relationships in the Network