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Using Best-in-Class Cloud Technology to Build Health Moonshot Companies

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Enabling Entrepreneurs

to Build Moonshot Companies

Together, StartUp Health and SAP Health are inviting the world’s top health innovators to join an exclusive program that will have both the support of StartUp Health Moonshot Academy and valuable access to SAP resources including technology, experts, customers, and marketing channels.

A Global Approach to Transforming Health

Through collaborating with StartUp Health we know that we will attract the best entrepreneurs with the right mindset. Together we can help create solutions and applications that would not have been possible even three to five years ago.

Bill McDermott, CEO, SAP

Seeking Moonshot Companies With Breakthroughs in Complex & Chronic Diseases

During the first call for innovation, StartUp Health and SAP Health are looking for companies rethinking the drug value chain — from R&D and clinical development to commercialization and post-market surveillance — in complex and chronic diseases.

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Companies accepted into the StartUp Health SAP Program will benefit from lifetime access to StartUp Health Moonshot Academy and also receive valuable support and resources from SAP including:


  • Personalized Business Model Innovation Sessions, Value Proposition Refinement Sessions, Design Thinking Sessions, and Expert Feedback Sessions with SAP Experts
  • Access to for technical and business training
  • Access to SAP Startup Program (
  • Opportunity to collaborate with SAP Value Added Team including leveraging sales, pricing, and marketing expertise and participating in Quarterly Business Reviews to go in depth on specific target customer and sales strategy
  • Access to internal innovators and unique potential collaboration and co-development opportunities


  • Access to StartUp Health custom “Sandbox,” a virtual space in which new or untested software can be run securely, for SAP product testing
  • Access to the SAP Community Network, the go-to place for specific product expertise
  • Free membership to American SAP Users Group (ASUG), which includes all SAP healthcare customers and 12,000 users, should a startup be interested and derive value from membership


  • Preferred access (meetings, warm introductions, coaching/prep) to investments from SAP Direct, SAP Ventures, and Hasso Plattner Ventures
  • Resources to attend select industry events (e.g. HIMSS, PhRMA, EPIC Consortium, SAPPHIRE)


  • Access to SAP Marketing channels, including webinars, blogs, and social media
  • Where there may be bidirectional sales potential or value add for the Health Transformer and SAP, SAP may offer opportunities to:

    • Present to consortium of EPIC customers
    • Have space and be highlighted in Startup Village at SAPPHIRE Conference
    • Cross-promote at additional industry conferences (e.g. HIMSS, PhRMA, etc.)


Companies that meet the following criteria should apply:

  • Address the needs of life science and/or pharma companies

  • Focus on breakthroughs in oncology, diabetes, cardiovascular, and other complex and chronic diseases

  • Are able to leverage SAP technology and offerings

  • Deliver value in the drug value chain from R&D through patient experience

  • Deliver an intuitive user experience

  • Have referenceable customers and validated outcomes

  • Apply leading technologies and big data

  • Have a strong marketing and sales team


  • What is the StartUp Health Academy?

    StartUp Health Academy is a lifetime program for Health Transformers, who are building companies on a mission to achieve at least one of 10 “Health Moonshots.” The StartUp Health Academy leverages a unique combination of coaching workshops, peer community and online collaboration tools to transform every Health Transformer, regardless of company stage or geographic location, into a powerful magnet to continuously attract the right team, customers, investors and partners. Visit StartUp Health Academy for more information.

  • What role does SAP play in the Program and what commitment has SAP made?

    SAP is partnering with StartUp Health for this Program, which is part of the StartUp Health Academy. SAP is supporting the Program as part of its commitment to help empower entrepreneurs to shape the future of health to deliver digital solutions on a more robust and secure cloud platform. The Program will support up to 15 digital health companies navigate the unique challenges of building successful growth companies. Read more about SAP’s Value Proposition to entrepreneurs, here.

  • What are the criteria for this Program?

    The criteria can be viewed here.

  • Do I have to relocate my company or be somewhere specific to participate?

    No. Startups around the globe are encouraged to apply to the StartUp Health SAP Program via StartUp Health Academy.

  • How does the application process work?

    Get started by reviewing the application process and completing a Company Snapshot. All Snapshots must be completed in English and should address as much of the specific criteria detailed in the SAP Scorecard as possible. The StartUp Health and SAP teams will review all Snapshots and narrow down the applicant pool based on considerations set forth in the Program criteria.

  • How detailed does my idea need to be in the Snapshot? Will my information be kept private?

    We specifically discourage applicants from submitting formal business plans or anything that you may deem proprietary or confidential. The information you share will be reviewed by representatives from StartUp Health and SAP as part of the Snapshot review process but otherwise will be kept private. However, please specifically address as much of the 8 criteria detailed in the SAP Scorecard as possible when submitting an application for the StartUp Health & SAP Program.

  • Will StartUp Health and/or SAP invest capital in my company as part of this Program?

    If your company is selected for the program, there may be opportunities for investment, although this is not guaranteed.

  • What is the cost to joining this Program?

    There is no cash cost for the Program and entrepreneurs can not pay to participate. Selected companies who join the Program typically share between 2-8% equity ownership with SAP and StartUp Health. The equity percentage is based on the stage of your company when you enter the Program.

  • Does StartUp Health or SAP retain the intellectual property (IP) my company develops during the program?

    No, the Company does not have to give up any intellectual property it develops during the program to StartUp Health or SAP in connection with its application to or participation in the program. To the extent SAP and the Company enter into co-development or other similar agreements in the future which required the transfer or sharing of IP, this will be jointly determined by SAP and the company in a separate agreement.

  • Is a participating company's product or service guaranteed to be used or distributed by SAP?

    No, however, enrollment in the Program may grant access to strategic SAP sales and go-to-market pipelines. While selected companies may have the opportunity to develop products and services that can ultimately be sold on SAP’s platform, SAP makes no guarantees that any product or service of a participating company will be purchased, licensed or distributed by SAP.

  • What are the terms and conditions?

    View Terms and Conditions

Founding Partners

StartUp Health and SAP Health have designed this program to enable entrepreneurs to build Health Moonshot Companies. By giving the Health Transformers in StartUp Health Moonshot Academy access to SAP’s best-in-class cloud technology, this program will empower them to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in the world.

In 2011, StartUp Health introduced a revolutionary new model for transforming health by organizing and supporting a global army of entrepreneurs called Health Transformers.

As the market leader in enterprise application software, SAP is at the center of today’s business and technology revolution.

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